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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Color Me Preppy

Color Me Cute is open now with so much cuteness you will be on overload.  Little Miss has brought this adorable studded preppy top to Color Me Cute available in a variety of colors and a hud that will change the color of the vest.  Perfect for any school day.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Spellbound Chocolat

Necklace:  {Little Stars} at Enchantment Crown Necklace Silver (rare)

Shirt:  Little Miss at Color Me Cute Studded Preppy 

Pants:  Turducken  Cuffed Skinny Jeans Bright Rip

Shoes: Snips & Snails  Jeans Sperrys - Pink Floral Wash

Books: BoWillow  Readers Life Gacha Underarm books

Water bottle:  tiptoes  Lil Camper Gacha Pink Water Bottle

Big Pencil:  Boogers My Kawaii Pencil Pink

Back Pack: : *BABY*: Kawaii Doll BackPack 

School isn't so bad, get smart, look cute and enjoy recess...perfect!


Back to School in Buglets Style

Buglet's has created this beautiful dress for Color Me Cute.  Perfect for your first day of school available in Lemon, Lilac, Mint, Peach, Rose and Sky.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Doe   Bonnie

Dress:  Buglets at Color Me Cute  Abbie Peach

Lunchbox:  {Little Stars} at Color Me Cute Lunch box Princess (rare)

Shoes:  {Clair de Lune}  at Ninety Nine Crown shoes white

Pose:  {Dollface} at Color Me Cute  Stylish 2

First day of school isn't so bad if you can look cute!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Garden Tea Party

Today I played a little dress up and had a tea party for my friends.  My shoes were a little big but they sure are fancy!  Shhh got them from mommy's closet.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Yumyum 53B

Dress, hat, and gloves:  Paper Damsels at La Boutique Tea Party Pink

Necklace:  {Little Stars}  at Enchantment Yellow Brick Road gacha Silver Crown RARE

Shoes:  ToddleTeeZ  from the Fancy outfit

Pose:  Dollface  at Color Me Cute Stylish 1

Dress up and tea parties are some of my favorite things!  Be sure to grab all the fancy at La Boutique


Back to School in Style

It's that time again...the time that kids dread and parents love...back to school!  Color Me Cute has cuteness overload right now in back to school wear!  One stop shopping if you ask me.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Oleander!  Tegan

Dress:  Tiptoes at Color Me Cute Smarty Pants Pink

Shoes:  Nimble at Color Me Cute  Emery Sneaker Pixie

Juice Box:  ToddleTeeZ  at Color Me Cute  Juice Box {StrawBunny} Rare

Pose:  Glamrus Kids at Color Me Cute  Clover 01


Classroom, desks, book cart, star chart and class rules sign from BoWillow from previous gacha

Lunchboxes from Left to Right:
{Clove} at Color Me Cute  Lunchbox Ice Cream
{Little Stars} at Color Me Cute Princess Rare wear these lunchboxes for arm swing animation

{Clove} at Color Me Cute  Lunchbox Owl Blue
{Little Stars} at Color Me Cute Lunch box  Froggy wear these lunchboxes for arm swing animation

Markers:  Larnia at Color Me Cute  Mr stench scented markers Click for your favorite scent!  Even colors!

Go back to school in style at Color Me Cute!


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bedroom of my Dreams

When Paper Damsels released this gorgeous bed, I knew I needed the bedroom of my dreams.  So I enlisted the help of my Alexis!  She created this gorgeous room and I am so excited.  Add to the excitement is this adorable dress from {Clair de Lune}.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Argrace  Koyomi

Dress:  {Clair de Lune} at Color Me Cute Sailor School Uniform

Shoes:  Bad Seed/Turducken  Vintage Mary Janes
Previous Limited 50 item no longer available


Bed:  Paper Damsels at Ninety Nine  Dreaming Garden Bed-Pink

Rug:  Dust Bunny  braided rug

Floral Arch:  ANC -Garden "secret garden" 

Tapestry:  {Little Stars} at the Play Room  

Chair:  -tres blah- Eclectic Collection Sofa Chair 

Alexis is an Interior Decorator in SL and can create the room or home of your dreams you can find her blog here.  Thank you Alexis and Thank you Paper Damsels and {Clair de Lune} for the gorgeous creations.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fairy Dreams at Ninety Nine

Fairies are so amazing...magical and beautiful!  I love dressing up as a fairy and Nimble has created the cutest little Fairy outfits for Ninety Nine available right now!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Elua  Noela

Hair Wreath:  Zenith Spring Rose Crown

Outfit:  Nimble.  at Ninety Nine  Fairy Blush

Shoes:  .tiptoes. ballerina slippers pink Little Pirouettes gacha

The quality you get from the Nimble. brand and the fun that you can find at Ninety Nine this round are second to none...get out and shop today.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road

After my house stopped spinning and Toto and I walked out we saw this beautiful Yellow Brick Road and such amazing colors all over the place flowers, and candies!  Once I turned around I saw a pair of stripped legs under my house!  Oh my's a dead witch!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  [elikatira] Quirky No longer available

Dress: {Clair de Lune} at Enchantment Dorothy available in blue, black, pink, purple, yellow and teal

Shoes:  {Clair de Lune} at Enchantment  Free Gift Ruby Shoes

Basket:  Zenith  Spring Rattan Basket  cream (gacha)

Toto:  Mish Mish German Shepherd Pupply Companion

Enchantment Opens August 13th!  

Thankfully some cute people about my size gave me some advice..."Follow the Yellow Brick Road"


Dolly from Little Miss

Ninety Nine is open now and {Little Miss} created this cute little outfit!  Available in 6 colors, White, Pink, Mint, Purple, Yellow, and Green

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Yumyum  *49

Necklace:  {Clair de Lune} Cream Pearl Necklace

Outfit:  {Little Miss} at Ninety Nine  Dolly Pink

Shoes:  {Little Miss} at Ninety Nine  Dolly Ballerina Pink

I played and played in my new outfit from {Little Miss}  Didn't even get one bit of dirt on me...I would say that is a huge accomplisment!

Have a lovely day!


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Life is a Song so Sing it Loud

I was feeling happy, so I put on my very own concert.  My bears enjoyed it...the neighbors not so much.  *giggles*

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Doe  Bonnie

Dress:  Buglets at Ninety Nine  Gabriella [rose]

Musical Notes:  Junk Food at the Play Room Musical Notes Groovy (Gacha)  Notes appear when typing  available in 11 different colors 

Tapestry:  Little Stars at the Play Room Dream Bigger (Gacha)

Stage:  Boogers  Backyard Stage Wood

Stage Curtains:  Half Deer at Collabor88 Stringlight Soiree Curtains Antique

Flowers on Stage:  Ariskea Roses of You

Chairs:  Buglets Shabby Lil Chair Prop Rose & Sky

Pose:  Tiny Trinkets Sing with me  Pose 5 with Mic

Boogers Bears of Course!  


P.S.  Many thanks to Alexis for helping me!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

One of Those Days

Today has been one of those that no matter how hard you try to stay out of trouble it just doesn't happen!  I was playing outside when I accidentally ran my Barbie jeep into and old truck needless to say it put a flat tire in the truck!  So ran away scared only to find a balloon on the bridge so I tried to get in the balloon so that no one would yell at me for the flat tire when alla the sudden it was going up up and away!  I held on for dear life!  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Doe  Elfie

Romper:  Spoiled One at Ninety Nine  Snow Romper 

Shoes:  Paper Damsels  Velise Sandals White Gem

Balloon:  Junk Food at Bon Voyage Oops Balloon Purple 

The good news is I didn't die!


Pretty Princess Tea Party

Alexis and I got together to hang out this morning and after talking to her dad last night about Tea Parties we decided to have one ourselves.  So we put on our best dresses and perfect crowns and have High Tea at 9am...whatever it worked for us don't judge our awesomeness  *giggles*

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Elua  Noela 

Crown:  Blush at Ninety Nine  Princess Crown - Diamond Silver

Necklace:  Nach  TD ILY Rose gold

Bracelet:  ToddleTeeZ  at Gacha Garden Expression Bracelet Angel RARE

Dress:  Turducken at La Boutique High Tea Gown Blue Comes with a beautiful high tea flower hat (not shown) Outfit available in pink, blue, cream, peach, mint, and purple

What Alexis is wearing:

Hair:  Tableau Vivant  Shabby

Crown:  Blush at Ninety Nine  Princess Crown - Diamond Silver

Necklace:  Clair de Lune  Cream Pearl Necklace

Dress:  Turducken at La Boutique High Tea Gown Pink Comes with a beautiful high tea flower hat (not shown) Outfit available in pink, blue, cream, peach, mint, and purple

Thank you Alexis for hosting our Pretty Princess Tea Party!  Check out her blog for her version of our collab!  


Monday, August 8, 2016

Spread Your Wings

Spread your wings and let the fairy within you fly! Coming to Ninety Nine {Ugly Ducking} has brought a real fairy costume!  Fairy Dress and Fairy Wings sold separate but look how perfect they go together!  Many thanks to Lexi who helped me set up and even did the photo for me while I was still messing with my windlight! *giggles*

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Yumyum  *65B

Hair flowers:  Half Deer Forest's Tale Flower Crown

Wings:  {Ugly Duckling}at Ninety Nine (8/9) Fairy Wings Strawberry

Dress:  {Ugly Duckling}at Ninety Nine (8/9) Fairy Dress Strawberry

Remember in life all you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust!  ♥


Dream Bigger than Life

Told you I would make my way to being a Princess that frog turned into a prince and here I am!  Always Dream Bigger than Life!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Lamb  When

Crown:  AvaWay  Victoria Pearl Diadem 

Outfit:  ToddleTeez at Ninety Nine  Royal Princess Exclusive Color 

Shoes:  {Clair de Lune} at Ninety Nine  Crown Shoes 


Castle:  Kalopsia Princess Castle

Tapestry:  Little Stars at the Play Room Dream Bigger

Never stop dreaming...because one day your dreams may just come true!


Kissing Frogs

So we all know what a Princess I am, but unfortunately I was not born into the royal family, so I am gonna kiss frogs until my prince appears. For the record I hate frogs so this is serious!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Tram C606

Crown:  Little Stars at Ninety Nine (8/9) Queen Roses Crown Pink

Dress:  Paper Damsels at Color Me Cute (8/15) School Dress Pink

Shoes:  Clair de Lune  at Ninety Nine Crown Shoes Pink

Pose:  Tiny Gems at Ninety Nine One Little Kiss The Frog Prince comes with Frog Prince Prop


Active Playday

What a beautiful day to play outside...Buglets has a super neat Gacha at the Play Room it's a treehouse one!  

Treehouse, pool, chairs, sandbox, stump, log and swing are from Buglets at the Play Room The treehouse is the rare and its soooo cute!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Doe  Bonnie

Outfit:  Turducken at Color Me Cute (8/15) Ariettie Gym Uniform Pink.  Comes with Hoodie, shorts, shoes and leg warmers.

I had a lot of fun today playing in my new treehouse and this outfit is so comfy cozy and so so so so so CUTE!


Thursday, August 4, 2016

You're Beautiful

Every little girl wants a pretty bedroom where she can be her own kind of beautiful.  I set up a small little area today and now I am gonna go ni ni!

What I am wearing:
Hair:  Yumyum  *69HF

Jammies:  Paper Damsels Elle 

Slippers:  {Petite Macaron}  Bunny FooFoo Slippers

Pose:  Muriel  Melina 5


Hutch:  Hive at the Gacha Garden her own fairytale hutch

Dolls in hutch:  !gO!  Love my doll Zosia 
Meche Mon Poupee' Lala RARE & !gO!  Love my doll Majka  (all gacha)

Mirror:  Hive at the Gacha Garden her own fairytale  Princess Mirror (seed of inspiration gift)

Pony:  Meche Mon Poney - Pink

Sloth Tapestry:  Little Stars at the Play Room  Tapestry Sloth 

End Table:  Hive at the Gacha Garden her own fairytale  End table

Lamp:  Apple Fall Dolly Lamp (gacha)

Bed:  Hive at the Gacha Garden her own fairytale bed (PG) RARE

Sleep with the Angels, and always know You're Beautiful!


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Monster Huntin

We all know about the fun new App in the real world, you either love it or you make fun of those that do love it *giggle*  .Snaphappy. and  Junk Food created some fun monster huntin things and I wanted to be sure you all got a good look!

Pictured above is the .Snaphappy. pose Poke'Go this pose fits two 'dults.  

I am wearing:

Hair:  Yumyum *69HF

Outfit:  Nimble  Harper 

My monster huntin phone:  Junk Food at The Gacha Garden iGo Chikapuu Kid RARE typer with 3 animations, available in male, female and kid sizes.

Look what we caught (scroll in on my phone closely)  it's a Chikapuu!  Silly monsters can't escape us!


Tub Time

Turducken has made bathing fun again!  Bath bombs coming to Hello Beautiful August 5th, are available in Pink/Purple, Blue/Mint, Green/Yellow, Purple/Blue.  Comes with Tub water with bomb, and a tray of bath bombs.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Olive.  Pumpkin hair (old arcade) Bangs 1

Robe and Head towel:  ToddleTeeZ  Spa Day Almond


Divider, End table, and sideboard:  Hive at Gacha Garden   her own fairytale 

Mermaid Wall Decor:  Kaleidoscope  Mermaid Cut out

Plant:  *ionic*  Hanging Plant

Towel Rack:  Scarlet Creative Amelie Towel Rack

Tub:  Muddpuddles Claw Tub/Shower  Texture changing tub and curtain

Scale:  MishMish - Hammie & Weight Scale RARE retired may be found on Marketplace

Friends in the tub:  MishMish   Pygmy Hippo 11 Chillin' &   Hammie & Bubbles retired may be found on Marketplace

I know you all think baths are bad, but try these bath bombs and you will change your mind!


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Princess Bunny Snuggles

Every once in a while I have to put on my tiara and strut my stuff!  {Blush} understands all the princesses out there require new tiaras and so coming to Ninety Nine are the most beautiful Princess Crowns.  Available in Gold, Rose, and Silve with Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Canary, Diamond, Peridot, and Saphire jewels.  

What I am wearing: 

Hair:  little bones.  Yuno  (group gift)

Crown:  {Blush.} at Ninety Nine  Princess Crown Diamond {Rose}

Shape:  {Honey} at Dreamful Event  Lexi 

Bunny:  ~Dream & BunBun.  Miss Bunny (rare)

Bracelet:  ToddleTeeZ  at Gachat Garden Expression Bracelets  Gacha key will be below

Outfit:  {Blush.}  Christie Outfit from the Bebe Bundle July

Shoes:  Tiny Trinkets  Dolly Glitter Sneakers Previous Limited 50 item

Dreamful opened today and Ninety Nine opens on the 9th!


Tiny Gems, Dreamful and Mom Pefect Combo

Dreamful was such a success last month, and is now open for August.  Both TD and Adult creations all of them just gorgeous!  {Tiny Gems} is participating in Dreamful this month and created adorable mom and me poses.  Just a little truth before I post pics, its big me and little me *giggles

 {Tiny Gems} at Dreamful Mama's Littlest

{Tiny Gems} at Dreamful Always Got Your Back

What Kendall is wearing:

Hair:  Oleander  Tegan

Dress:  Tetra  Sahara Dress (fatpack)

Sandals:  Reign Tulip Sandals white

What Kymber is wearing:

Hair:  Lamb. When

Hair Wreath:  Zenith Spring Flower Wreath Rose

Dress:  Sugar & Spice Madelyn Rae Blush
Includes rope necklace and boots not shown.

Socks & Boots:  ToddleTeeZ Country Charm
Both are in the Country Charm outfit

You need to go to Dreamful and check out all the amazing stuff as soon as you possibly can!