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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to School in Style

It's that time again...the time that kids dread and parents love...back to school!  Color Me Cute has cuteness overload right now in back to school wear!  One stop shopping if you ask me.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Oleander!  Tegan

Dress:  Tiptoes at Color Me Cute Smarty Pants Pink

Shoes:  Nimble at Color Me Cute  Emery Sneaker Pixie

Juice Box:  ToddleTeeZ  at Color Me Cute  Juice Box {StrawBunny} Rare

Pose:  Glamrus Kids at Color Me Cute  Clover 01


Classroom, desks, book cart, star chart and class rules sign from BoWillow from previous gacha

Lunchboxes from Left to Right:
{Clove} at Color Me Cute  Lunchbox Ice Cream
{Little Stars} at Color Me Cute Princess Rare wear these lunchboxes for arm swing animation

{Clove} at Color Me Cute  Lunchbox Owl Blue
{Little Stars} at Color Me Cute Lunch box  Froggy wear these lunchboxes for arm swing animation

Markers:  Larnia at Color Me Cute  Mr stench scented markers Click for your favorite scent!  Even colors!

Go back to school in style at Color Me Cute!


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