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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Makeover time with Purretes and Hello Beautiful

Are you in need for a new look?  Hello Beautiful is your event for this!  Purretes is bringing Nayade skin and shape to this event and along with it all sorts of layers for everything you can possibly think of.  

What I am wearing:

Shape:  Purretes at Hello Beautiful  Nayade Shape TD Baby

Skin:  Purretes at Hello Beautiful  Nayade skin w/dark brows.

Layers:  Purretes at Hello Beautiful   Purretes dimples, freckles everywhere, open mouth medium, sunburn

Hair:  Magika  The wish

Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets  Little Bear glasses no longer available this was a limited 50 item that sold out.

Nails:  Buglets at Hello Beautiful  Ombre Nails

Bathing Suit:  {ugly duckling} MissBeach Suit Ladybugs

Summer fun will begin at Hello Beautiful June 1st!  Make over and summer time...GO!


Summertime on the farm

Today I decided to be a little bit country, I even went to my friends house where they have cows.  I told the momma cow I was a cowgirl and showed her my hat and boots, she just moo'd at me but the baby cows giggled.  Trust me they did!  I played with the baby cows a little bit, and they are not nearly as messy as that baby pig was and they have way more energy because at the end of it I was the one needing the nap.  

I love summertime and Hello Beautiful June round has such a great theme.  "Summer fun"  The designers are really bringing out some great things so I do hope you show them all your support and head there June 1st!  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  [elikatira]  Claim

Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets  Little Bear Glasses
This item is no longer available it was a limited 50 and can not be sold any longer...lots of cute glasses at the main store.

Necklace:  Tiny Trinkets   Princess Me
This item is no longer available it was an exclusive item and can not be sold any longer

Bracelet:  Buglets  Fleur [rose]   Fleur Gacha

Nails:  Buglets at Hello Beautiful June  Ombre Nails This color combo reminds me of my favorite summer fruit...watermelon

Tube top:  {Glitter Outfitters}  Doily Tubetop white

Shorts:  Les Petites Poupee   Ava shorts

Boots:  Turducken  Bohemian Cowboy Boots

June brings us weddings, summer weather, end of school days, and the beginning of events such as Hello Beautiful.  Here is to hoping your June is the best one ever!


Saturday, May 30, 2015

Small town adventrues

I was able to find my way off the mountain from earlier today but was really really hungry so I changed into my little short set I got from the Fit for a Princess event, packed a bag with a change of clothes (you know my adventures always require that) and headed out to a small town hoping I could try to find some food, I was really wanting a croissant and I don't  know how to say that word but it tastes so yummy so I don't care 
how to say it.  *giggles*  

When I arrived at the small town I couldn't believe just how pretty everything was, I dropped my bag and I had to take a picture to capture my adventure.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Truth  Lottie

Outfit: Baby Brat at Fit for a Princess Green Floral
outfit comes with shirt, shorts, glasses and shoes

Right after taking this picture a fish jumped in the pond behind me and scared me and welp, you will never guess what happened?  I fell in the water! Thankfully there was a nice little area where I can freshen up.  I changed out of my wet clothes and put on my new outfit from Baby Brat.  Put my hair up and decided to find my croissant.  Sure enough a bakery was there and now I am gonna get my yummy foods and enjoy the rest of my day!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Ploom Sharla

Outfit:  Baby Brat  Vintage Tot
outfit comes with jumper, collar, glasses and hairbow

Shoes:  Bad Seed/Turducken at Limited 50 Vintage Mary Janes  sadly these are now sold out.  

Stay tuned for more adventures!


Morning Walk

Good morning!  I cannot believe it's almost June. I woke up super early today and no one was around to supervise me, first I got into the hair bleach and my hair kinda turned blonde I was trying for pink but this works.  I ate some ice cream and some cookies for breakfast, threw on my new dress and decided to take a bit of a walk.  I walked through pathways and around bends, stopped to smell flowers, and even climbed mountains.  I got as high as I possibly can get and was able to see alla the things.  It was such a beautiful sight.  I guess I am gonna has to stay up here though because I have no idea how to get off this mountain.  Hope I don't starve!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika   The Wish

Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets from Limited 50 sadly these are sold out, you can go to the main store and find many other cute glasses.  

Nails:  Tiny Trinkets at Hello Beautiful June   Beachtime nails

Outfit:  {Petite Bowtique}  Betty pink
outfit comes with dress, bow and shoes

Summertime brings sunny days, beaches, mountain hikes, bathing suits, tank tops, sundresses, sunglasses, hats, sun kissed skin, pool parties and BBQ's  are you ready for summer?  I know I am!


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Life is a story

Life is a story, make yours a best seller. 

Control your destiny, make wise choices, smile, laugh, eat candies and cookies, call your mom, kiss a baby, hug a puppy.  I have learned through my trials over the last year that I am the only one that is in total control of my life.  I will not let the small things bother me, I will not let stress over come me.  I will smile and live.

{Petite Bowtique} has released a few new outfits and you really should check them out.  I had to do my best before going to bed and work tomorrow to be sure to show you my favorite.  I am absolutely in love with this dress and will not take it off until I has to.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  The Wish

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane Silver

Outfit:  {Petite Bowtique}  Adelle
Outfit comes with dress, shoes and hairbow

What will your story be?  


A picture is worth a thousand words

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words and this week I have been going through old photos and believe that to be true, I remember all the memories as they are displayed in front of my face and it has honestly brought some smiles to my crazy hectic week.  

What I am wearing:  

Hair:  Baby Princess Sarah

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane silver

Outfit:  Chantilly Lace  Jodee
outfit comes with dress, shoes and headband

Pose:  .click. Fancy Frame (frame included)

Blogging is an outlet for me it helps me with all of my feelings and helps me be creative.  Since, I cannot draw a stick figure to save mine life or build a box in Secondlife.  *giggles*

Hope you had an amazing Friday Eve.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pretty in Pink with Soda Pop Shop

Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a pretty pretty princess and pink was her favorite color.  She went on so many adventures and saw a lands near and far.  Soda Pop Shop is one of her favorite stores to visit.  SammyJo created some new outfits and this princess can't wait to show you how cute they are.

Above is my pretty princess dress.  I went to the ball and the clock rang 7 and I had to run home because I am only 4 years old and have a bed time, lame right?!  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  Beans

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane  silver

Outfit:  Soda Pop Shop  Ashley Gown
outfit comes with dress, necklace, bracelet, flats, heart ring, sparkle face, sparkle belt, and Tiara

The next day I put on my new nautical dress from Soda Pop Shop, I went to the park looking for my brother (he loves the park), sadly he wasn't there but I stopped long enough to snap this picture.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Tram  C606 Hair

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane Silver

Outfit:  Soda Pop Shop  Hannah
outfit comes with dress, purse, necklace, tiny heart for your face, and cute shoes

Welp, it's time for this princess to go to bed.  So I do hope you run to Soda Pop Shop and see all of the new releases with all of the colors available as well.


Monday, May 25, 2015

Dream a little dream for me

Dream has been one of my favorite places to shop since I became a kid in Second Life.  She is opening an in world store and I could not be happier about this.  Currently there is an adorable gacha there and these shorts were required! Thankfully I only had to play it a few times to get the rare floral.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  D!va  Mayumi 

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Necklace:  Tiny Trinkets  Princess Me    
no longer available it was an exclusive item 

Bracelet:  ToddleTeeZ at Hello Beautiful May Round (closed now)  Birthstone bracelet April

Shirt:  Dream  Simple Bohemian Top

Shorts:  Dream  Lacy Shorts Floral (rare) Gacha 

Sandals:  Closet Chickies  Leather Owl Sandals

Stay tuned for more cute stuff coming soon, a new event is opening up at the same location Dream is at, called Color me Cute, and I will be blogging that event so you can see all the boho chic stuff coming in June.


Saturday, May 23, 2015

June Previews from Tiny Trinkets

Beginning of a new month means the beginning of new events.  Tiny Trinkets is prepared for All the Little Things Western theme  and Hello Beautiful and summertime theme.  Without a doubt these are two of my favorites so far.

All the Little Things starts June the 7th and will run until June 20th.   For the month of June the theme is Wild Wild West.  And you know I am a country music fan so I blasted some T. Swift and jumped on my noble stead and galloped into the sunset.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  [elikatira]  Claim

Outfit:  Lil Big Me  Country Girl Outfit 
outfit comes with dress, jeans, boots and straw for your mouth

Horsie:  Tiny Trinkets at All the Little Things  Lil cowboy  this has a resizer too

Hello Beautiful opens on June 1st and will run until June 24th.  The theme for June is Summer Fun.  And when I think summer fun I think beach, so I put on my new shortalls, painted my nails in a pretty green with watermelon print, applied alla the sunscreen, and plopped my new hat on my head and headed to the beach.

What I am wearing:

Hat:  Tiny Trinkets at Hello Beautiful June round Beach time hat hat comes with hud to change color and texture of the hat

Hair:  Sixty Nine  Hair 04

Fingernails:  Tiny Trinkets at Hello Beautiful June Beach time nails hud (watermelon)

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane black

Outfit:  {Petite Bowtique}  Ana Shortalls plain

Here is the ad for Beach time so you can see the 4 styles of the hat and nails.   So darn cute right?! 

I hope you are all looking forward to June as much as I am.


Kitty Lovers Delight!

Kitty lovers near and far will want to run to M. Law Designs to play this gacha!  Many beds and a crib, but the exciting thing for me was the treehouse bed!  Don't worry I will also include the gacha key so you can see all the things.  Boys there is also a blue version of this so don't think you can't have it, cuz you can!

I have displayed only two of the beds for you but there are two others as well.  Also some oh too cute baby items as well.  The beds have parent and child animations and single animations.  The kitty rug you can sleep on and the little horse and kitties you can ride.  Just a fun bedroom!

This gacha is just one of many that can be played at M. Law Designs, and adults there are some for you too!  So get over there and check it out.


Best Buddies Gacha With Bee

My adventures in Second Life always bring me fun and now new friends and fun stuff for you to see.  My brother and sister both showed me this adorable house so I had to go find it.  Upon arriving at M Law Designs I was unable to find the house so I sent a note card to Bee one of the owners, she quickly replied and sent me not only the link to see the house in world but also the marketplace link where I can get it at a discount. Customer service at it's finest.  Bee then told me I was cute *flips her hair* and gave me an adorable elephant and bunny who were BFF's.  She told me about her gachas and sent me a picture of the gacha that had the elephant in it, needless to say I was so excited because it was adorable and I feel all of the kid world needs to see these amazing things!

First off let me show you the house I went to look's pink!  So you know I was in love.

In case you cannot read *giggles* this is the Giovana Mansion by M.Law Designs and its adorabale!  The teleport I provided will take you to see it, you can also get this house on their Marketplace store  I can't lie I am so in love with this house!

Now let me show you the gacha's that you MUST have!  This gacha is called Best buddies gacha and can be found at the Bee Designs main store

Adorabale right!  And I didn't even put everything out, there are cribs and changing tables in the gacha too as well as pink or green colors.   I just love this gacha so much and hope you all love it too!  Oh the bed has animations for just you or family animations too!  

Here is the gacha key so you can see all the items available from the Best Buddies Gacha from Bee Designs who the partner to M. Law Designs.

I have never really showcased furniture in my blogs, so my apologies for not the best pictures but in all seriousness this is some of the best stuff I have seen, and hope you go check it out.  I have more stuff I will be blogging from them as well, so stay tuned!


Friday, May 22, 2015

Alaina from Petite Bowtique Available only at Limited 50

Limited 50 is in full force and a few things have even sold out.  But Petite Bowtique has this oh too cute outfit perfect for summertime.  At the time of this blog post there were still some available, but do not wait too long because these are limited to only 50 sold ever.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  

This outfit inspired me to go find some beautiful flowers and just enjoy the day.  The purple, mint and floral print on this outfit is perfect summer wear and every girl should have this.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  D!va  Mana

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Outfit:  {Petite Bowtique} at Limited 50  Alaina
outfit comes with shoes, hair bow, shirt bow, leg bows, and pacifier

Don't wait another minute teleport yourself quickly to Limited 50 to grab this outfit and many other amazing items before they are gone forever.


Petite Bowtique Bryn Shortalls

I was super excited to be accepted as a blogger for {Petite Bowtique} Before ever being a kid avatar in SL I had kids in SL and this was always a favorite store.  {Petite Bowtique} has made the most beautiful shortalls, you know how I love floral, and guess what?  The first one I am going to show you is only $50L today only.  Yes $50L Friday is today, so hurry up and get over there and once you see the rest you will want to get a fatpack anyways *giggles*

Bryn Shortalls Red 
May 22, 2015 Only $50L  for $50L Friday

Bryn Shortalls Blue

Bryn Shortalls Pink

Bryn Shortalls Purple

What I am wearing:

Hair:  D!va   Mana

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Necklace:  ToddleTeeZ at La Boutique  Ladybug necklace Pink

Outfit:  {Petite Bowtique}  Bryn Shortalls
outfit comes with shortalls, tank, hair bow and sneakers.

I fell in love with these the minutes I saw them and I am pretty sure you will too!  Teleport to {Petite Bowtique} asap to grab your Red Bryn shortalls today and save some $L  towards the purchase of the rest of the colors *giggles*


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Feel Pretty

One of the reasons I wanted to start blogging was to be able to show everyone cute things especially from designers that perhaps I have just found.  I often will search the Marketplace looking for new stuff.  Last night I hit the jackpot.  I found the most adorable pink dress and was so excited to show you, that I took a walk in the garden and stopped in the garden drape house to take a picture so you can see it too!  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Argrace  Rin

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Bracelet:  Tiny Trinkets  Elli Bracelet

Outfit:  Chantilly Lace Boutique   Emmi
outfit comes with dress, bow sandals, necklace and hair bow.

My parents will for sure be happy I am back in pretty pretty princess mode, even if their living room looks like a pig pen.  *giggles*  Stay tuned for more adventures.  I am sure there is more fun to come! 


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tiny Trinkets Tea Party

After my adventures to the farm I knew I had to have just as much fun today so I woke up, got dressed and put on my new elephant flats that are so comfy and cutes, and headed to storybook land, where I had a very fun tea party with some new friends.  They didn't think I could do the princess stuff like the princess wave and balancing a teacup on mine head.  Welp, I sure did prove them wrong.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Baby Princess  Sarah

Teacup:  Tiptoes  Teatime on my head gacha Blue

Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets at Limited 50  Little Bear glasses (sadly this is all sold out)

Necklace:  ToddleTeeZ at Sidewalk Gacha  Charm Necklace teal

Bracelet:  Tiny Trinkets  Elli Bracelet with Hud

Outfit:  Little Diva  Tea and Roses 

Shoes:  Tiny Trinkets  Lala Flats  sky

Below I have given you the ads for the flats and the bracelet, sometimes the blog photos do not show off all the awesome so I wanted you to see just the items without the whole outfit.

So after my tea, I played a bit with my new friends but really was tired because lets face it my adventures are tiring, so I went home and took a nap.  Oh and in case you were wondering, I still didn't get a bath, I just jumped in the pool.  *giggles*


Casual comfy from Les Petite Poupees

Every once in awhile you just gotta get comfy.  I couldn't wait to show you the cute new outfit from Les Petites Poupees.  Its casual and comfy.  It's something that all girls big and small would wear. To be honest I have something similar in real life that I wear often *giggles*

I got comfy and casual in my new outfit and went into the country for a walk stopped at the pretty amazing gate to pose for this picture for you.  It was such a beautiful day and the birds were singing away.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  D!va  Lili 

Glasses:  Tiny Trinket at Limited 50 Little Bear  glasses (sadly they are now out of stock)

Outfit:  Les Petites Poupees Knit sweater cotton

Shoes:  Lazy Unicorn  White Laced Flats

This outfit is available on the marketplace for only $39L  That's a bargain.  Heck you can't get anything really in life for $39L


Tiptoeing with the piggies

I think the thing I love most about RPing a kiddo in SL is that I can recreate some of my best childhood memories and when Tiptoes released this outfit I knew I had to do just that.  

When I was about 4 or 5 RL my grandmother took me to Tennessee to see her sister on their farm.  I was a city kid so I had never seen such amazing things before.  At some point I snuck out wearing some clean cute outfit and ended up playing with the pigs, she found me there much to her shock filthy dirty but happy.  She was glad I was safe and I am pretty sure I was hosed off for a good long time then I had to take a bath, which was not fun.

So today after my Mommy left for work, I snuck over to Stonewood Family Farm on Kingswood in Ocean Pointe where I met Tabby who let me play with her piggies!  The baby piggy and I had so much fun but he got so tired and took a naps. Poor piggy.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  D!va   Mayumi3

Outfit:  tiptoes  Muddy Days  
outfit comes with romper, wrapped sweater, muddy feet, face and hands, knee bandaid, bandana (not wearing), and shirt.

At Stonewood Family Farm not only do they have animals they have all the Life2 stuff you need, so if you are looking for that farming aspect to your RP this is the place.   Now I need to find a hiding spot before Mommy and Daddy come home because pretty sure they will hose me down and throw my baby ask in the bath.  Ahh!


Keep Calm it's almost Summer

Gosh I love the summer time...and the beach! This is the time of year where we start bathing suit shopping and even us kiddos wanna look good in a bathing suit.  Tiny Trinkets has some really cute ones out and you know how much I love floral, so that is the one I picked.  *giggles*  I love living in Honeybriar, there are so many awesome things to do, including the beach.  I couldn't wait to get there in my bathing suit and dip my toes in the water.  Don't worry Mommy I didn't swim.

Gah!  Look at the little bow on the booty.  So cute right?!  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Truth   Elyse

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Earrings:  .trinket. at La Boutique  Pink Felt 

Necklace:  ToddleTeeZ at La Boutique  Ladybug necklace pink

Bathing suit:  Tiny Trinkets  Flowers swimsuit

Bathing suit season is here so head over to Tiny Trinkets and pick out your favorite one today.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cupcakes and Celebrations

This week has been a really good one and tonight it ended with cake and my name change. Yup, I am a happy girl.  Lots of great stuff happened this weekend.  So I wanted to celebrate by posting a blog!

I started radiation and happy it is not as bad as my chemo is, I am tired but can function so this is good. Some people came into my life again after being gone and I am happy about that.  I had a great night of Roller Derby in RL, and my family became my family...look at this  5/17/15  Second Life: кумвєя ℓєιgн (Kymber Larsen) is now known as кумвєя ℓєιgн Sσlαησ  Kinda cool right?!  We had cake of course to celebrate and I think my brother poo'd on the floor which was gross.  But the cake was Sofia so I am gonna forget him did that.  So yup, I am a happy girl. 

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Baby Princess  Sarah

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane  

Earrings:  .trinket. at La Boutique  Felt Flower 

Necklace:  ToddleTeeZ at La Boutique  Ladybug necklace

Outfit:  Petite Bowtique  Nora 
outfit comes with tank, skirt, Ruffles, bows, pacifier, hair bows, and sneakers.

I really hope your week was as good as mine, and if not the good news is there is always another one.  Be thankful for every day you wake up.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Lil Men's Dept

Now open is the Lil Men's Dept.  Does this mean I can go buy a lil man?  Gosh I hope not.  Truth is it is full of all kinds of fun stuff for lil men.  

Cakepop has come up with such a cute set.  It is so darn cute!  Snack Attack Gacha!  

Just moved into a new house so I put my Snack Attack set out and set up shop.  

Gacha Key for you to keep track

So boys...this event is just for you.  So head on over to the Lil Men's Dept and get all the cute. And girls look at this set we can totally work it too!


Limited 50 May Round Buglets and Tiny Trinkets

Limited 50 is by far one of the events that I wait for every month, so much so that I wait up til midnight to be sure I get the stuff I want.  There are usually many others there so thankfully I am not the only one.  *giggles*

Today was such a nice day here at my  new home on Honeybriar.  After I decorated the walls in the living room, I decided to take a stroll to the beach. Does your community have a beach?  If not you should check out Honeybriar, I am really loving it so far and can't wait for school.  So anyways...I put on my pretty new bathing suit and sundress from Buglets and headed to the beach. 

I even tried to build a sandcastle but I kinda fail at that every single time I try.  I did wear my sunscreen and even took a little nap on the beach towels under the umbrella.  Such a nice day.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Truth  Sian  

Headband: Buglets at Hello Beautiful  Janie mint

Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets at Limited 50   Little Bear Glasses 

Sundress and Bathing suit:  Buglets at Limited 50 Beach Bebe   outfit comes with bikini bottoms, bikini top, 2 bracelets, dress, hair bow, sandals and tank for bikini.

Limited 50 is an event that designers will bring a fancy item to the event and agree to sell only 50 of the item.  Once they are gone they are forever gone.  So these glasses and this beach outfit you need to grab today!  Things are selling out fast.


More Awesome Dream Kids Universe

Currently in a Galaxy so very close, only a TP away you can find The Dream Kids Universe Event.   Lots of amazing designers with lots of amazing creations.  Be prepared to enter the Galaxy of Awesome.

Starting out with Purretes, such cute stuff I can't even...I will be showing you the limited outfit meaning only so many will be sold and then gone forever and the gacha outfit (parts of it).  Purretes has done it again with fun.  Boys...the gacha is out of this world literally.  And girls will love it too! *giggles*

Cute Alien Limited Edition

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Love Soul Hair *154*

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane  black

Outfit:  Purretes at Dream Kids Universe Event Cute Alien Limited Edition
outfit includes headband, dress, bloomers and sandals

Pose:  .click.  Tude Pack   Tude 4

Believe Gacha 

What I am wearing:  

Hair:  Fashionably Dead  Jupiter

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane  black

Hoodie:  Purretes at Dream Kids Universe Event Believe Hoodie (2)

Pants:  Purretes at Dream Kids Universe Event Believe Saggy Pants (4)

Shoes:  Purretes at Dream Kids Universe Event Believe Slip ons (9)

Pose:  .click.  Tude Pack   Tude 4

Gacha Key so you can keep track 

Next up is Little Deer, bringing all cute comfy jammies in gacha form!  I love gachas and I love getting in my jammies and being read to.  It makes my whole day.  

There are 10 common and 4 rare.  They are so cute and you can even mix and match like you did in RL as kids when you couldn't find the bottoms or tops to your jammies *giggles*

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  The Wish

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane silver

Jammies:  Little Deer at Dream Kids Universe Event   Crescent moon tops and bottoms

Gacha Key so you can keep track

Ahh next up is Lazy Unicorn and Presley has fed my inner geek with this release...I know there are so many Star Wars fans out there so you will for sure need all of these sweaters.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika   Beans 

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane  black

Sweater:  Lazy Unicorn at Dream Kids Universe Event    Sweater 3 (sith happens)

           Gacha Key so you can keep track

And to conclude my post for Dream Kids Universe Event today...we have My Baby Style. They are bringing cute to the galaxy!

 Outfit Stars

 Outfit Stars w/ plush alien

 Holdable snuggly stars gacha
I am holding the rare Colorful star

What I am wearing:

Hair:  D!va   Daisy

Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets at Limited 50  Little Bear Glasses   Only 50 will be sold then they are gone.

outfit comes with top, bloomers, boots and alien plushie.

              Gacha Key so you can keep track

Phew...that was a lot of work, but totally worth it. The Dream Kids Universe Event is open now and alla this amazing stuff is available!  So do not waste time teleport or fly your spaceship now to get all the stuff.