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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Monster Huntin

We all know about the fun new App in the real world, you either love it or you make fun of those that do love it *giggle*  .Snaphappy. and  Junk Food created some fun monster huntin things and I wanted to be sure you all got a good look!

Pictured above is the .Snaphappy. pose Poke'Go this pose fits two 'dults.  

I am wearing:

Hair:  Yumyum *69HF

Outfit:  Nimble  Harper 

My monster huntin phone:  Junk Food at The Gacha Garden iGo Chikapuu Kid RARE typer with 3 animations, available in male, female and kid sizes.

Look what we caught (scroll in on my phone closely)  it's a Chikapuu!  Silly monsters can't escape us!


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