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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When faced with a choice

When faced with a choice...choose happy.  Tiny Gems is bringing a fun pose to the Candy Fair, oh man candy you know how awesome that is?  Candy for will have a hard time picking, so don't, just grab everything!  

Today my dad gave me an apple or candies...that choice was simple, and I chose what made me happy...candies of course!

What I am wearing:  

Hair:  Uncleweb Studio at Sou Event  Lyena 

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Outfit:  Bad Seed   Summer Romper Purple No longer available this was a limited 50 item.

Shoes:  Dream Doll  T-strap flats cream

Pose:  Tiny Gems at the Candy Fair opening in just a couple days   Always choose Candy  comes with apple and lollies

When life offers you choices always choose happy.  I have learned that life is too short to be anything but happy!


Monday, June 29, 2015

Goddess in the garden

Every now and then I like to get dressed up and talk a quiet and peaceful walk to clear all the messy in my head, so today I put on my new dress from Little Stars and accessorized with my new headband from Tiny Trinkets and set off into the garden.  I felt like a goddess and since the name of the headband is taken from a greek goddess I guess it works *giggles*  This headband will be available at the July round of Hello Beautiful.  The them for this round is Ethnic Beauty.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  Sudden

Headband:  Tiny Trinkets at Hello Beautiful July Round starting July 1st.    Leto tiara 
comes with a hud for many pretty color options they even match cabin colors for you Hardknock campers

Necklace:  Sugar & Spice Letter Necklace K 
previous gacha item

Dress and Sandals:  {Little Stars}  Nikki Dress
This dress comes also in pink, blue and purple
I hope your day is beautiful and that you always find your inner Goddess!



Oh my glittering pixies!  Did you know there is a candy fair?  Candy beyond your wildest dreams...I kinda feel like I am in Wonka Land!  XOXO Poses and Comic Dust worked together to bring something adorbs to the candy fair and it even allowed mine parents to get smooshy faced  *eww*  Normally I do not take pictures of every gacha item but with this gacha I HAD to.  I even got mine friends Cady and Libby and mine Grandma to help too!

Introducing The Swirly Sweet-Tooth Gacha From XOXO & Cosmic Dust available starting July 3 at the Candy Fair!
 Common 1
Just me

 Common 2

 Common 3
Daddy and Mommy smooshy face

 Common 4
Daddy and Mommy kissy face

 Common 5
Me and Mommy

 Common 6
Me and Cady

 Rare 1
Me and Cady

Rare 2
Me, Mommy, Daddy & Libby

These are the lollies I always wanted growing up but my RL mom said no.  Thankfully my parents in SL didn't *grins*

What I am wearing:

Hair:  D!va   Nene

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Tank:  Little Cutes  Simple short tank

What Cady is wearing:

Hair:  Truth  Danni

Outfit:  ~Little Diva~ at Neverland Gacha Event  Mooove Over (rare)

What Libby is wearing:

Hair:  Truth   Demelza

Outfit:  Sugar Blossom  Boho Jeans and Tank Dusty Rose comes with flats and headband 

After the morning drama I had this was just the kind of post I needed something be sure to get your sugar high at the Candy Fair


Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vacation and Gardens

Vacations and Gardens...two of my favorite things in all of the world.  So I decided I would show you some more of my favorite things.  My garden fun clothes.   My mom is one of the most creative decorators I have met on SL and she created the most beautiful garden that brings me so much peace that is where I go when I need that "zen" feel.  

Inside the Greenhouse

What I am wearing:

Hair:  D!va  Nene

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Outfit:  {Lil Big Me}  Shabby Chic 
comes with coat, ribbon, leggings and saddle shoes (not worn)

Wellies:  .click.  Pink Wellies (old gacha)

Pose:  .:Finch:.  Diva Pack 1 1-5

Outside the Greenhouse

What I am wearing:  

Hair:  Doe at Sou Event  Asami

Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets  Lil Bear Glasses Sadly these are no longer available they were a previous limited 50 item and sold out fast.

Outfit:  {Lil Big Me}  Blossom Jean Outfit
Comes with Shirt, skirt, sandals and headband

Shoes:  Closet Chickies  Tan Owl Sandals

Pose:  .:Finch:.  Kisses Pack  Kisses 2

So if you are like Mary Mary quite contrary and want to know how your garden grows you should dust off your garden clothes and hang out in one near you...and also check out my moms new blog where she showcases her entire garden. 


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wonderful World

There are so many wonderful things in this world we call Second Life.  Summer in Second Life means trees are in bloom and flowers are everywhere.  I went for a walk and picked my mommy some flowers on our sim, and tucked some in my hair too!  It was such a beautiful day I was almost sad to see the sun go down.  My parents took me to so many fun places today I just hate to see the day end.  Stay tuned for a new family blog with family fun travel ideas.

What I am wearing:  

Hair:  Doe at Sou Event  Asami

Head Wreath:  Dream  Baby's Breath Head Wreath

Bracelet:  .trinket.  Fairy Tale Stamped bracelet 

Outfit:  Sugar Blossom  Tropical Flowers outfit 6 

Pose:  Little Moments Free Spirit Pose Pack  Free Spirit 4 Mirrored

I really just had an awesome day and hope you all did too!  


Friday, June 26, 2015

Under the Sea

For those that know me, you know that the Little Mermaid is by far my favorite Disney movie and I could watch it forever and a day.  This week my parents took me to the Under the Sea ride which is amazing if you have not been click the link and go.  The creator of that ride did such an awesome job I was the happiest little girl on Second Life and made my parents take me three times *giggle* My mommy even turned my bathroom into an under the sea theme and its one of my favorite places in our house.  RazzBerry Inc in preparation of all the camp fun has released the most adorable bathing suit and of course it screamed Little Mermaid to me.  So I do hope when you are packing for camp, you don't forget this bathing suit!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  Reading

Bathing Suit:  RazzBerry Inc at Camp Hardknock Store   MerBaby Bathing Suit  Also comes in Sky, Peach, Lemon, Mint and Bubblegum.

For info on my bathroom for decor ideas you can visit my mom's blog.  Blazedesigns and Obsessions

Darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me...Under the sea...Under the sea.


Geek 4 Life

I have not always been a geek...but once I became one there was no turning back.  I grew up watching Star Trek and Star Wars and always loved Sci-Fi.  Computers have been a way of life for a long time and it wasn't until I found Second Life and WoW that I became a gamer.  I had a Nintendo and an Atari growing up but really only loved Zelda, Pit Fall and Donkey Kong.  

Vicarious Youth has the perfect gacha coming to Neverland Event for all of the gamers in us.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  Little

Glasses:  Les Petites Poupees  Geek Glasses

Tshirt:  Vicarious Youth at Neverland Event  Baggy Tee Life Hearts

Shorts:  Les Petites Poupees Ava shorts

Pose:  .:Finch:.  Diva Pack 2  Diva 2-1

Here is the full Gacha Key 

So be sure to grab all of your favorites!

And may your lives be full!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blaze Beach

It's no secret how much I love the beach...and my family shares that passion.  My mommy created a beautiful beach for us on our sim and it is one of my most favorite places to relax on SL.  She even made a gorgeous beach hut for us to enjoy as well. Soda Pop Shop is bringing us two new bathing suits and Blaze beach was just the place to show them off.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  The Wish

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Suit:  Soda Pop Shop  Millie
Comes with bathing suit, hair bows, bracelet, toe ring and knee bandaid

Pose:  .click.   Shy   Shy2

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  Little 

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Suit:  Soda Pop Shop  Ginny
comes with suit with cute butt ruffles, flip flops, glasses, and visor

Pose:  Little Moments  Free Spirit   Free Spirit 2

And for a closer look at the beach hut you see behind me that my mommy decorated visit her blog for credits.   Blaze Designs and Obsessions


Shopping Addicts Alert

Hello to all my fellow shopping addicts.  One of the oldest events so to speak in the SL kid world is $50L Friday.  This is an event where creators make something and set it out for you guessed it only $50L.  Soda Pop Shop is bringing you an adorable outfit this week and you should really check all of the $50L creators out they work hard to bring you great values!

What I am wearing:

Hair:   LaViere   Gemma

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Outfit:  Soda Pop Shop   Chelsea
outfit comes with dress, shoes, tights, bracelets, crown, fairy wings and hair bow

Pose:  Little Moments  Free Spirit   Free Spirit 1


Fastest Kid on 8 wheels

Ever since I was a little girl one of my passions was roller skating.  I am not sure what the fascination was but I fell in love with it the minute I laced up my first pair of skates.  In my teen years I went every weekend, met boys did the whole couples skate thing, skated fast as I could without getting in trouble, the whole thing. Recently I found the most awesome sport of Roller Derby.  I started skating before I found out I was sick, but still am very active with my league. I belong to a WFTDA (Womens flat track derby assoc) league that is so very competitive and they have become my RL family.  So when MuddPuddles released Roller Skates you can say I pretty much squee'd.  Yup I sure did.  I headed straight to Skate Land and laced up my new skates and sure enough back on 8 wheels never felt so good!

These skates have an AO built into them so you are actually skating.  There are many colors in the gacha and the rare comes with a hud that gives you all of the colors.  You know I had to wear the hot pink ones!

Some of these animations are from the skate land animation but I wanted you to see first hand just how natural they look as you are skating.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika   The Wish

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Necklace:  Noodles  Vintage Romance Necklace

Shirt:  That's so {Koot} Brylee (wearing the top only to the outfit)

Shorts:  Les Petite Poupees   Ava Shorts 

Skates:  MuddPuddles at Sidewalk Gacha   Racer Roller Skates 

Thank you Isa for allowing me to get back on 8 wheels!

And just for fun...Here is a picture of one of our skaters her skate name is Luz Chaos and she is very well known in the WFTDA ranks and Derby World. 

Kinda bad ask lookin sport huh?  


What are you thankful for

Every day I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, dreams that turned into reality and likes that turned into love.  

My Second Life Kid journey has brought me so many amazing people.  I am so thankful that each and every one of you that has touched me.  I am so very thankful for my parents who have been in my life a long time sadly they took time away from SL before they became my parents but now that they are back, they are stuck with me forever.  My lovely mommy loves to decorate and gets bored with houses so she switches them out often *hehe* I won't tell you how often.  With this last house I sat in my room and had such a block she helped me figure out my room and I love it so much, I have a separate play area and sleep area.  It's a great place for me to hang out with my bear friends and have tea or play for hours.

Another thing I am thankful for is amazing designers who either are my friends or have become my friends due to my passion for blogging.  Aura is someone I have known for a long time and I am so happy to bring you this adorable outfit.  I do hope you love it too and will run out and pick it up in all colors.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  The Wish

Magika is currently having a 50% off sale through June 30!

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Outfit:  {Aura's}  Myrcella  in {white} 
outfit comes with dress, lace undershorts, hair bows, and shoes.  Available in many colors.

Pose:  .click.  Shy   Shy 1

I love my amazing second life and am so very thankful for my family, my friends, my sponsors, and even those that I have spoken to only once. What are you thankful for?


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Walking on Sunshine

This morning I woke up in our new house and really needed to work on cleaning my messy room but, I had a new summer dress so I figured a little walk wouldn't hurt anything first, I have all day to do my room, may as well enjoy some sunshine first.  I grabbed my hat, and enjoyed my country walk.  There were roosters in a barn, a kitty chasing a butterfly, and so many flowers, it was the nicest walk I had in a long time.  I went home to clean my room and was so tired, I placed my sunhat on my bedpost and took a nap in my little shabby bed.

What I am wearing:
Hair:  Magika  Sudden

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Outfit:  {Petite Bowtique}  Dream Sundress
Comes with dress, shoes, hat and bracelet

Pose:  .:Finch:.   Kisses2

Bed:  Buglets at Miss Chic  Shabby Lil Bed
This bed has many cute animations sleeping, sitting, and playing.

Sweet least for an hour or so *happy face*


Monday, June 22, 2015

Whatever I am Daddy's Princess

Yesterday was one of the best days of the year.  A day to honor your dad.  My RL dad was my hero and my SL dad is no different.  Dad's are very special to little girls.  Lily from Little Stars released a couple of cute outfits one for dad and one for summer days of camping, and vacationing.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  Sudden (50% off sale right now)

Headband in top pic:  Magika Group Gift

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Outfit in top pic:  {Little Stars}  Daddy's Princess This dress comes in two different versions and comes with shoes and earrings

Outfit in bottom pic:  {Little Stars} Whatever outfit comes with shorts, shirt, sneakers and earrings.  

Pose in top pic:  .:Finch:.  Diva Pack 2  2-1 Mirror

Pose in bottom pic:  Little Moments   Free Spirit pose pack

I hope you were able to spoil your dad rotten yesterday.  And I hope all the dads out there know just how important they are.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

And on this farm

Old MacDonald had a farm EIEIO...And on this farm he had a cow...EIEIO With a moo moo here and a moo moo there, here a moo there a moo everywhere a moo moo

Old MacDonald had a farm EIEIO...And on this farm he had a piggie...EIEIO With an oink oink here and an oink oink there, here an oink there an oink everywhere an oink oink

Old MacDonald had a farm EIEIO...And on this farm he had some sheep...EIEIO With a bah bah here and a bah bah there, here a bah there a bah everywhere a bah bah.

Miss Chic is open and there are some amazing designers with some amazingly cute designs out right now.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Truth Sian

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Outfit:  {Aura's}  at Miss Chic Event  EIEIO outfit (Cow, Piggie, Sheep) outfit comes with shirt, shorts, shoes, shirt bows and hair bows.

Pose:  .click.  Shy pack  Shy2


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Just Beachin

Summertime screams beaches and camping and family fun.  Cakepop is bringing an amazing beach gacha to the Lil Men Dept.  This gacha is LOADED with so many amazing things you will want all of it.  I got my little aunties and uncle to help me out for this post and we played alla the day in the sun and just hung out in the hut.  It was a great day.

Charlie, Addie, Libby and Me!

What we are wearing:


Hair:  Dura  Boy 52

Visor:  Cakepop at the Lil Men Dept                   Sea Monster Visor Aqua

Sunglasses:  Cakepop at the Lil Men Dept   Beachy Sunglasses Blue

Swim Trunks:  Cakepop at the Lil Men Dept  Sharkie Swim trunks

Sandals:  Cakepop at the Lil Men Dept        Beachy Sandals The Magical Puggermaid Mint 


Hair:  Dura Baby 03

Visor:  Cakepop at the Lil Men Dept                   Sea Monster Visor Royal

Sunglasses:  Cakepop at the Lil Mens Dept  Beachy Sunglasses Aqua

Swim Trunks:  Cakepop at the Lil Men Dept  Fishie Swim trunks

Sandals:  Cakepop at the Lil Men Dept        Beachy Sandals Beachy Aztec Sky


Hair:  Baby Princess  Sarah

Visor:  Cakepop at the Lil Mens Dept                Sea Monster Visor Khaki

Sunglasses:  Cakepop at the Lil Mens Dept  Beachy Sunglasses Orange

Swim Trunks:  Cakepop at the Lil Mens Dept  Crabbie Swim trunks

Sandals:  Cakepop at the Lil Mens Dept      Beachy Sandals Crabbie Peach


Hair:  Baby Princess  Sarah

Visor:  Cakepop at the Lil Mens Dept                Sea Monster Visor Navy

Sunglasses:  Cakepop at the Lil Mens Dept  Beachy Sunglasses Silver

Swim Trunks:  Cakepop at the Lil Mens Dept  Anchored Swim trunks

Sandals:  Cakepop at the Lil Mens Dept      Beachy Sandals Anchored Navy

All of us are on .:Finch:.  Diva Package 1 poses

Gacha Key

This is by far one of the best beach sets I have seen on Second Life.  You NEED this for your home beach!

Thank you Charlie, Addie and Libby for helping me out.  


Just like Mom

Every little girl wants to be like her mommy, and {Lil Big Me} has created the most adorable Mommy and Me outfits.   My mommy was working so I borrowed an adult *hehe*  it's actually big me but shhh

What big me is wearing:

Hair:  Truth Lucrecia 

Outfit:  {Lil Big Me}  Sea Mama Dress and shoes also comes with a bow.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Elikatira  at Collab88  Lena 

Outfit and shoes:  {Lil Big Me}  Sea Babe 

Pose:  {Lil Big Me}  Mommy and Daughter Pose

This set is perfect for summer vacations or family photos.  


Chasing Butterflies

I was outside playing and saw butterflies, they kept flying around my head and playing with me...I was so excited that I dropped my new clutch purse and  chased the purple one for a little while until he flew off with his friends.  Chasing butterflies was fun and so is the Color me Cute event going on right now.  The event is Boho Chic.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Truth   Elyse

Earrings:  .trinket.   Felt flower earrings

Clutch purse:  CutieCakes at Color Me Cute  Crochet clutch (rare) 

Necklace:  Cae   Cirque  

Outfit:  CutieCakes at Color me Cute   Boho Fit2

Pose:  .:Finch:.  Happiness

Enjoy this beautiful day, chase butterflies and if you have not gone to Color me Cute yet, you really should!


Once Upon a Llama

Once upon a llama there was a dock that looked out to a beautiful waterfall where you can fish, swim and play alla the day.  

Lily of Little Stars has been working so hard to save dogs in her RL, and has taken a bit of a break from creating to focus on her rescue, but she released this adorable Llama outfit.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Fashionably Dead  Jupiter

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Earrings:  .trinket.  Felt Flower Earrings

Necklace:  Cae  Cirque (changeable jewels)
This is a gift from mine Rory we both love giraffes and this is two giraffes hugging necks

Outfit:  Little Stars   Hearts Llama

Flip Flops:  Lazy Unicorn White flip flops
these flip flops come with a few of [LU] outfits

Pose:  .click.   Tude Pose Pack  Tude3

Hope you have a beautiful day...The End


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Take me to the Sea

This morning my adventures landed me at the coast.  The sound of the waves and the smell of the salt water in the air always bring a smile to my face.  I took a nice walk and it was over so peaceful.  I love finding places in Second Life that remind me of my Real Life, and this place reminds me of the coast of Maine.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Lamb  Cities in Dust

Glasses:  .tsg.  Shy Megane

Outfit:  {Aura's}  Kymber outfit in Pink
comes with top, shorts, shoes, and sailor hat (not shown)  This outfit will also be available in black, brown, green, and navy.

Pose:  .:Finch:.  Diva Pack  Diva1 Mirror

This little outfit is very detailed and perfect for summer camp or vacation.  

So take me to the seaside and all will be right in my world, even if just for a moment.  


Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dream Kids Vacation Time

This is the time of the year that all Second Life kids look forward to, vacations and Camp!  I actually got into camp but was unable to go after realizing my RL will be taking me away.  I was super sad but am very excited for all of you that can go.  So I am hoping maybe to go camping instead.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Tram  D205 Hair

Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets  Little Bear Glasses         no longer available these were a limited 50 item

Outfit:  Purretes at Dream Kids  
Comes with outfit, boots, hat and backpack

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Baby Princess  Sarah

Glasses:  Glam Affair  Romantic Girl Glasses
no longer available 

Necklace:  Monkey Pox at Dream Kids Event  Anchor Necklace Navy and White Rare (gacha) 

Outfit:  Monkey Pox at Dream Kids Event     Little Sailor Girl outfit   comes with dress, shoes and hat

Monkey Pox at Dream Kids Aloha Beach Party Hut

Monkey Pox at Dream Kids Aloha Beach Party Raft

Dream Kids Event this month is vacation themed and has so many creative vacation things, so if you are going off to camp or vacationing at the beach hopefully you will stop by Dream Kids Event.