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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Newness from CakePop for girls and boys!

So excited to show you these adorable shoes from CakePop !  When Hailey first showed me what she was creating I was super excited because the pink floral are just my thing and I couldn't wait to get them on my feet!

First picture is me walking in the woods with my new kicks!  The pink floral is just so cute!

Second picture I stopped and changed into the Kawaii shoes because honestly couldn't pick between the two so I just wore both!  I am a girl I can do that...and I found my prince!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Olive Darla this location still is not coming up in search

Shirt:  Ugly Duckling  Spring tops Rose
Shorts: Les Petites Poupees Ava Jean shorts *polka*
Shoes:  CakePop  Pink Floral & Kawaii

I wanted to show you a few of the cute designs up close



Pink Floral


I honestly love these shoes and this designer is up and coming for sure!  You need to be sure to check her store out on Marketplace!
CakePop <----click here now!


Playroom Preview from Snaphappy Poses

One of my dear friends on SL is also a great posemaker and she asked me to blog for her.  .Snaphappy. will be bringing you When I Grow up poses to the Playroom starting in April.  I have chosen just 4 out of 23 (I think) poses.  Each pose comes with a cute little chalkboard and the pose that represents each profession.  There are 2 Ultra Rares (Companion & Time Lord)  6 Rares (Ballerina, Like Daddy, Like Mommy, Pilot, Princess & Prince)  and 15 common (Arist, Astronaut, Celebrity, Doctor, Firefighter, Lawyer, Ninja, Nurse, Police Man, Secret Agent, Superhero, Teacher, Veterinarian, Writer & Zookeeper)  

Ballerina (rare)

Hair: D!VA  Mayumi3 Brown Diamond
Glasses:  Glam Affair  Romantic Girl Glasses not sure they are available any longer I do not see them in the store, they were a $50L Friday item.
Outfit:  Little Stars  Bella Pink

Pilot (rare)

Hair:  Love Soul  Hair 152  Bitter Brown
Outfit Little Stars  Rainbow outfit
Glasses:  Glam Affair Romantic Girl Glasses not sure they are available any longer I do not see them in the store, they were a $50L Friday item.

Princess (rare)

Hair:  Magika  Beans w/o Bow 
Glasses:  Glam Affair  
Romantic Girl Glasses not sure they are available any longer I do not see them in the store, they were a $50L Friday item.
Outfit:  Baby Pie  Paige Formal Gown

Veterinarian (common)

Hair:   [elikatira]  Claim
Glasses:  Glam Affair  Romantic Girl Glasses not sure they are available any longer I do not see them in the store, they were a $50L Friday item.
Outfit:  Lil Big Me Country Girl Outfit 

Save your $L because the Playroom is sure to bring even more fabulous items but these poses are a MUST HAVE!  I don't have the SLURL to The Playroom just yet, it will open soon, so be sure to watch for info on it, but in the meantime run out to .snaphappy. today and find some great poses for all your picture taking needs!


Monday, March 30, 2015

What does the fox say?

I know I've already blogged today but came across this super cute outfit and had to get it out there for you all to see.  It is by CakePop who looks to be fairly new but you would not know that by the quality of her design.  I am such a floral girl so I chose this outfit.  I hope you enjoy it.  Oh and what the heck does the fox say?

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Tram  C606 Brown&Black
Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets Mulan Flower
Outfit:  CakePop  Floral Denim Dress comes with the cute shoes

Here in Arizona our temps are into the 90's already, I hope you are all ready for some nice weather too!  That's all for now.  Enjoy your Monday!


Spring time in the park...

Happy Monday!  I logged on this morning to see that Viva! Kids had released a cute little jumper and when I saw it, it reminded me of spring in the park.  That time of the year that you put your summer clothes on because the temps are just right and you run to the park on that beautiful day!  So today I bring you my version.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Fashionably Dead  Jupiter Ponytail Brunette 3
Glasses:  Glam Affair  Romantic Girl Glasses Candy 
(unsure if these are still available they were a 50L fri item)
Outfit:  Viva Kids  Joy-Floral Rose comes with the cute shoes

If you have never been to Viva I highly recommend it, they have so many cute outfits, so run on out today!


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Coming Soon to Hello Beautiful from Lazy Unicorn

Hello Beautiful is fast becoming one of my favorite events, and this upcoming round for April looks to be very promising.  Lazy Unicorn has come up with a cute idea that you will all want to have.  So prepare the piggy banks...this is gonna be fun!

Ice cream is one of my weaknesses.  So I honestly had a lot of fun shooting for this.  I remember when I was a kid my dad taking me to get ice cream and I could never eat it fast enough before it would melt all over, and Lazy Unicorn has provided that for us with a gacha that you will love!

Pictured above is Blueberry Grape Swirl Ice Cream Rare

And this is what happens when you aren't looking and a stinky boy thinks it would be fun to shove your Ice cream ON your head!  You get a Strawberry Ice Cream Horn!  

What I am wearing:

Horn:  Lazy Unicorn @ Hello Beautiful April Round  Strawberry Ice Cream Horn  
Hair:  [taketomi]  Momoka Browns
Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets  Mulan Flower
Sweater:  Dream  Elegant Laced Sweater Fresh Milk
Skirt:  Dream  HW Pencil Skirts (Denim 2)
Boots:  Les Petites Poupees  Fringe Boots White

Don't forget to head over to Hello Beautiful April Round as soon as it opens! 


Saturday, March 28, 2015

You are Beautiful

This is my very first post as a Little Star's blogger and I couldn't be more excited!  Lily is a very talented creator and an even sweeter person, and today I am proud to bring you this adorable little outfit!

I have not hid the fact that I am currently undergoing treatment for cancer and have lost my hair in RL so this outfit and the meaning for it to me brings a huge smile to my face, so remember that no matter what we do or what we say, you are still beautiful!  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Love Soul  Hair *152*Bitter Brown
Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets  NymNym Pink
Necklace: COMING SOON to ATLT from Tiny Trinkets
Outfit:  Little Stars  Beautiful  Comes with Tutu and cute sandals

Normally I don't add music to my blogs but today I really felt this outfit and subject and the song kept playing in my head.  We live in a society were our views on beauty are jaded.  So today I will be adding the Christina Aguilera's Beautiful song.  And remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  



Coming Soon to All the Little Things from Tiny Trinket!

All the little things will be coming soon.  The theme is Once Upon a Time which if you know me is super exciting.  Princesses, fairytales, and Happily Ever after are mine favorites!  Starting April 5 and running through April 18th you will find this EXCLUSIVE set from Tiny Trinkets.  I cannot link the SLURL yet because it is not the 5th of April, but be sure to check it out as soon as you possibly can!  I for one, cannot wait for this round!

There are two sets.  A set for the princesses and a set for the princes.  The detail on the necklaces amaze me.  It's really hard to get a great photo but I did try my best below you will see a closer picture with it actually being worn.  

Hair:  D!VA  Daisy (Gacha still avail) Type A Citrine

So get ready, start filing up your piggy banks and know that after this event is over this necklace will be gone.  Never to be found in the store or on Marketplace.  I am so very excited for All the Little Things this round, and hope I have helped get you in the Fairy Tale type mood too!



Friday, March 27, 2015

New Releases From Lazy Unicorn...

Once in a great while you meet someone in SL and you just connect, that is what happened when I met Presley so to be blogging for Lazy Unicorn is a huge honor and I hope I do her proud.  She has come out with some SUPER cute things and I hope you will rush out and get them all.  

It is just about that time...yes ICE CREAM TIME!  And this cute little Unicorn Ice cream outfit is just adorbs.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  ~Tableau Vivant~  Aidoru Series-Yunimetal (unrigged)
Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets  Kaitlyn Butterfly Pink 
Outfit:  Lazy Unicorn  Unicorn IceCream Outfit.  The detail on the unicorn ice cream is amazing you have to see it for yourself!
Necklace:  Sneak Peek at Tiny Trinket's All the Little things item.  Watch my blog it will be featured soon!

The second outfit I will be featuring is Nice Try outfit.  I love it when you can mix humor and fashion and this outfit truly does that! 

It's kinda hard to see in the photo, but it is three donuts then a bagel and the shirt says Nice Try bagel.  Which is just adorbs!  So I found this cute bakery and it was all about the donuts no bagel.  Yes, if you are wondering I totally just sang that to the tune of All about the bass. 

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Ploom Equestranaut - Browns (Gacha) Resizeable and the bows change colors, so many colors too!
Glasses:  Tiny Trinket  Dotty White Glasses 
Necklace:  Again Sneak Peek of Tiny Trinkets GORGEOUS new item for All the Little Things.  

The third new release is called 99% Unicorn and really fits with Presley's brand.  It is a soft comfy sweater with adorable black skirts and black flats.

I found this really pretty flowered area with the waterfall in the background hoping to catch a mythical Unicorn bopping through but all I got was skinned knees when I tripped after I sneezed.  Oh well, its about the outfit not me anyways.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  [01] Sweet I am also wearing the group gift headband along with the hair
Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets Black butterfly glasses

And the final new release from Lazy Unicorn is this oh so cute Whale Sweater with Yellow Ice cream tights.

So I went to the beach to see if I could find any whales and while I am sad to report I did not find any whales, I did see these cute sea turtles.  And that pretty amazing Lighthouse.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Lil Olive (location still not updated)  Darla
Outfit:  Lazy Unicorn Whale Ice Cream Outfit.  

Ice cream, Unicorns, and Friends...who could ask for anything better?

As always, feel free to IM me in world if you have any questions about my blog or what I am wearing or where I took a photo.  Enjoy!


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Flower Child

I had almost forgot that I had gotten this outfit from Les Petites Poupees @ LaBoutique and since I didn't know for how much longer it would be there I wanted to share it because I am so in love with it.

LaBoutique is a fairly new monthly event, and it started with a bang!  Every item was of amazing quality and the prices were just as awesome.  So please stop by quickly, if by some chance you miss it a new round is coming and I am sure it will be just as great.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  D!VA @ Shiny Shabby Nene (Citrine)  Adorable lace headband with changeable lace textures and beautiful flowers that change colors.  This hair resizes nicely to fit our TD heads.

Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets Butterfly Dotty White glasses

Shirt:  Les Petites Poupees @ LaBoutique  Summer Dreams Top White.  It also comes in a pink color 

Jeans:  Les Petites Poupees @LaBoutique  Free Bird Jeans I Dark
These jeans are some of the best made I have seen EVER!

I really am enjoying bringing you all the pretties!

❤ Kymber

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kymber Cottontail

Easter has always been on of my favorite times of the year, spring flowers bloom, chocolate is out in full force and bunnies...all the bunnies.  So I got in the spirit and headed to Easter Town you should for sure visit there.  Peep races, carrot cars, decorations and so many Easter items.  Tiny Trinkets has created such a cute item for the April round of Hello Beautiful and I couldn't wait to share so you can all get excited and ready as this item will be out April 1 at Hello Beautiful

I wanted you to see a close up of just how cute the face and ears are so I prepared two pictures.  Rou outdid her self on this by far!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Sixty Nine  Hair 04 (mocha pack) on sale $69L
Hair Wreath:  Dream  Baby's Breath Head Wreath
              My Bunnyself (pink)  This comes in 6 colors including rainbow!  Can be worn separately or together with a resizer!  Not just for kids, adults you too can be a bunny!
My glasses:  Tiny Trinkets  Kaitlyn Butterfly Glasses Pink
My Outfit:  Dream  Romper Baked Blush
Shoes:  Les Petites Poupees  TD Pearly Flats

I am really enjoying blogging and hope you are all enjoying them as well.  Feel free to share the posts or if you ever have any questions IM me in world.

ღ  Kymber

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

All the little things

Today I finished my 16th and final round of chemotherapy and it's been such an emotional part of my life's journey.  I have learned so much about myself but mostly I have learned to slow down and appreciate all the little things because sometimes the little things aren't always little.  So take a moment today to find something little and enjoy it :)

I decided to blog this outfit after seeing the shirt in the creators ad and asking her where she found the cute skirt she paired it with and was thrilled when she told me one of my favorite designers made it.  So without further rambles from goes.

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Sixty Nine  Hair 04 Mocha (this hair is currently on sale for $69L)
Flower Wreath:  Dream  Babys breath head wreath
Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets @ Hello Beautiful (Almost done)  Mulan Lotus Glasses
Shirt:  Ugly Duckling  Spring tops 
Skirt:  Dream  Pencil Skirt Floral
Shoes:  Tiny Trinkets  Jelly Sandals they come with a color changing hud for many color options

Thank you for visiting my blog, it has been a fun thing for me to do, I love the fashion and many choices we have in SL.  Hair has been my obsession since losing mine in RL.  and I have found so many cute hairs.  

ღ Kymber

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Egg Hunting!

I was so excited when I saw on Facebook that Flutter & Droplet were going to do an Easter Egg hunt, one of my favorite things when I was a kid was finding eggs on Easter morning, and I was even more excited when I saw the adorable outfit that you find in the eggs!

The eggs are in and out of the stores and there are hints so don't worry you will not pull your hair out.  I found it to be really fun!  So come check it out!  Easter Egg Hunt

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Tram  D205  Brown&Black (Brown)

Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets @ Hello Beautiful March Round  Mulan Flower
Outfit:  Flutter  Ella Find The headband, the dress, the shoes, the bow and the socks that have legwarmers (I am not a legwarmer girl so I left them off)  Thank you Flutter for this free outfit and the fun!  
Pose:  Flutter  Tiny Model 3 (this too was packaged in an egg an entire set of model poses)

Droplet also had an adorable be sure to come and find all the eggs!  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika  Beans [Hair+Bow] 01
Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets @ Hello Beautiful   Mulan Flower
Outfit:  Droplet  Spring Clouds  Find the crop top, necklace, tutu, and tights   Thank you Droplets for this free outfit!
Pose:  .Click.   Tude 1

Easter is around the corner...I hope you have happy hunting!  

❤  Kymber

Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Arrivals from Lazy Unicorn!

I was given the amazing opportunity to blog for Lazy Unicorn, Presley has been busy and has come up with 3 new releases and they are all just so pretty!  Also joining her girl Toddleedoo line is a new boys line, so boys you should for sure check it out.  I will see about getting some of the fun stuff for boys on a blog soon!  Lazy Unicorn

I found an amazing sim that I did my entire blog shoot on and you should all check it out, it is so pretty and lots of fun to explore.  StoryBrooke Gardens

First outfit for the new release is pictured here and if you know me I love to read so when I found this cute little book tree in my comfy jumper I knew I found the right place for this picture.

What I am wearing...

Outfit:   Lazy Unicorn Pink Floral Jumper comes with the cute little flip flops in white (resizeable)
Hair:  Lil Olive (moving will reopen soon)  Darla Hud 1

Second outfit in the new release is this adorable little dress with triangles that I fell in love with!

What I am wearing:

Outfit:  Lazy Unicorn Little Triangle Dress comes with the cute little flip flops
Hair:  D!VA  Lili the headband can be turned off and on and is texture changing
                       Type A is worn and the color is Brown Diamond
Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets  Kaitlyn Butterfly pink glasses 
Pose:  Lazy Unicorn  Thumb sucker. (requires Cute bytes hands)
Hands:  Cute Bytes  These hands allow you to move your hands to different poses.  
                                  for use with the Toddleedoo mesh body.  The Hud moves the fingers.

The final release from Lazy Unicorn is this adorable Floral Jumper in mint.  While I was out and about on the lovely sim I found a tea party and was asked to join, so I quickly took a picture before indulging in all the tea and treats.

What I am wearing:

Outfit: Lazy Unicorn  [LU] Mint Floral Jumper comes with the cute resizeable flip flops
Hair:  Dura Hair  Dura-Girl 30 Coffee
Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets @ Hello Beautiful March  Mulan Flower Accessories 
               You are gonna wanna rush right over to grab this it will be gone soon.

There you have it the amazing new releases from Lazy Unicorn!  Hurry over now to get yours!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I'm a little bit country...

So Turducken released today and of course I had to run straight there to get all of the things.  I immediately fell in love with this dress and thought it would make a great country dress.

I love all things country and the land was just gorgeous here and I thought it made the perfect picture spot.  You can find this lovely land at Frisland, besides the pretty horses and stuff they have lighthouses, Sea Lions, playgrounds and so much more.  It is a must see spot on Second Life.  

What I am wearing;

Hair:  Tram  C606 Hair Brown&Black my color is brown

Outfit:  Turducken  NEW RELEASE  Ciena Dress-Beige the floral is gorgeous you can't really see it in the photo but this outfit is adorbs

Boots:  Turducken  Bohemian Cowboy Boots-Brown  These come with a hud to change the flowers

Watch:  Tiny Trinkets  Sally Watch, sadly this item is now gone because it was at Limited 50/March

Glasses  Tiny Tinkets @ Hello Beautiful March Round  Mulan Flower Accessories  This pack comes with Nails, a Lotus flower and the glasses.  It is only available for a short time so run down now and grab it quick while you still can.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luck of the Irish

Being as though it's St. Patrick's Day...I thought I would make my next blog something for the lovely green holiday.

I found a really cute hunt that was put on by the kid zone which is home to Sugar & Spice and Violetility.  You find gold coins and get free gifts.  For sure something you should all do for your St. Patrick's day fun!  The sim is decorated beautifully too and for you gacha addicts you will be happy to see there are some right as you land.  Check it out here  Lucky Coin Hunt

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Dura  Dura-Girl*55 (coffee)
Outfit:  Sugar & Spice  Lucky Leprechaun comes w/ hat, boots, and pot of gold
Watch:  Tiny Trinkets  Sally Watch Sadly this item was a limited 50 item and is already sold out but please go check out her store she has some awesome items.

A huge thank you to Trillicent Thiessam for helping me insert a rainbow in my photo 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead...

My Visit to Oz...

This is my very first attempt at blogging and I have always wanted to do I hope you enjoy it.
I saw this adorable outfit and it brought me back to my RL childhood where I would wait every year to watch Wizard of Oz, this was prior to DVD just sayin.  The witch always scared me but yet every year I would watch.  Hope you enjoy my first EVER blog.   ❤ Kymber

Location:  Cotton Candy Wishes & Carousel Dreams Park

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Lil Olive (moving will reopen soon)  Darla
Glasses:  Tiny Trinkets @ Hello Beautiful March  Mulan Flower Pack
Outfit:  The Kiddo Shop @ The Kaleidoscope Kids Event  Oz World Dorothy Exclusive
Toto:  ~silentsparrow~ Weenie @ The Arcade March   Myrtle