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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Beach Fun

What a fun day at the beach, my new pet and I hung out in the sun, played with bubbles, and even flew my new kite!  It was a beautiful day!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Yumyum  65b

Outfit:  Lazo  at Once Upon a Child  Sport Shirt and Sport Shorts available in 8 colors girly and 8 colors unisex 

Bubbles:  Little Llama for Ankle Biters Bubble Wand Star/Bubblegum (gacha) 12 common and 1 Rare comes with matching bottle!  Really makes bubbles too!

Pet:  [BOX]  for Ankle Biters  Bright Ferbly Pet RARE (gacha)  Available in 10 different "flavors" each with a unique sound

Beach Scene:  Tiny Trinkets at Ninety Nine  Summer Fun Pink

Beach tote bag:  Little Moments for Ankle Biters  To the Beach RARE

Pose w/Kite:  Tiny Gems for Ankle Biters Fly A Kite!  #3 

Summer is in full swing and I am very much enjoying my fun times!


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