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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Inspiration when needed most

It's been a little while since I have blogged but tonight I was inspired by the new hoodies from Lazy Unicorn.  My bestie Presley is very talented and reminded me that sometimes you can find a little bit of happy in everything you see.  

It has been said that love hurts.  I honestly believe that is not true.  Loneliness hurts, rejection hurts, losing someone hurts.  Reality is that love is the only thing that covers up all the pain and in that we can feel good again.  I have had a rough week in all worlds.  But in all of that I have so many who have stood by me and loved me with a simple hug or a nice message.  So I do know I am blessed and loved.  Thank you all of you for everything. 

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Diva   Nene

Glasses:  VCO  Zion Glasses 

Earrings:  Tiny Trinkets  Reika Earrings

Hoodie:  [Lazy Unicorn]  Inspiration Hoodie Floral Love 

Boots:  Meche  Mori Boots 

At the end of the day no matter how many times I have found myself sad, there is always someone there to pick me up and make me smile.  So be inspired...Love even when it's hard.


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