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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Starting 2016 Beautiful

The best way to start any new year is by finding a way to be beautiful.  Hello Beautiful is open with a lot of beautiful things.  

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Magika   Suffer Well

Headband:  Tic Tot Toe at Hello Beautiful  Kawaii Skull Headband black

Glasses:  {Charming} at Hello Beautiful Kawaii Glasses  Black Rare

Necklace:{Tiny Trinkets} at Hello Beautiful  Reika Necklace 

Dress:  Viv.a Kids  Snow

Leggings:  Buttercup  at Hello Beautiful Kawaii Kitty Leggings

Shoes:  Viv.a Kids  come with Snow outfit

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Doe Elfie

Glasses:  VCO Zion Glasses 
Previously at Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Ring:  Baby Princess at Hello Beautiful  Sweet Ring Set

Necklace, earrings & Bracelet:  Paper Damsels at Hello Beautiful  Kawaii Star 

Understhirt:  Turducken Vintage Onesie

Romper:  Viv.a Kids  Alyssa

Leggings:  Buttercup at Hello Beautiful  Kawaii Kitty Leggings

Shoes:  Bad Seed/Turducken  Mary Janes w/Socks previous Limited 50 item no longer available

Today is only the 2nd day of 2016 and I feel get on over to Hello Beautiful before this round is over.

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