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Friday, June 3, 2016

Enchanted Ladybug

Did you know that the ladybug is actually in the beetle family?  I remember catching them and putting them in jars cuz I thought they were so pretty...which looking back now really seems mean.  Enchantique has created a beautiful dress for the Ninety Nine event and named the exclusive dress "Ladybug" there are many other choices but this was my favorite!

What I am wearing:

Hair:  Lamb.  When

Bow:  [Lazy Unicorn] Sweetie Bow Coconut

Earrings:  .trinkets.  Felt flower earrings red

Necklace:  Soda Pop Shop  comes with Lil Lady outfit 

Dress:  Enchantique at Ninety Nine {6/9} Vintage Dress EXCLUSIVE  [ladybug]

Shoes:  Bad Seed/Turducken  Vintage Mary Janes with Socks Previous Limited 50 item no longer available.

I love the beginning of the month when events start over and new beautiful things arrive, it's kinda like the letting that ladybug out of her jar!


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