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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Home Music Lessons

Today River and Elli and I wanted to learn to play some music so we asked Loraine and Bam to teach us how to play the Recorder...needless to say it was quite loud and not sure any of us really played any music!

Recorders can be found at the Play Room from Tic Tot Toe there are Bigs and Littles they are called Horrible Recorders.  There are 3 rares and 8 common.  Each play a different song and have notes that come out as well!  Animated and resizeable too!

River, Elli and I are wearing the new Elli outfit from ToddleTeeZ that can be found at Lucky 7 starting on May 7th...this event you could possibly get free things!

The Play Room opens tomorrow!  Be sure to get yours!


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