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Monday, May 23, 2016

Nautical Dreaming

Every now and then I like to switch into my Tomboy mode, and get out of my pink and floral, climb a tree, go fishing, you know just good ol fun stuff!  So today I decided to redecorate my room in a Nautical theme.  MuddPuddles has just released this new Bedroom Set called Bradford and it really inspired me to get a little creative. So many times in SL boys have a hard time finding cute things, but don't let it fool you, clearly girls can use it too!  This is just too cute!


Bookshelf:  { DH } Sea Treasure Lighthouse Bookshelf RARE (gacha)

Shipswheel:  Soda Pop Shop  Lighted Ships Wheel (gacha)

Fish wall hanging:  PILOT - Fish Cut-Out [White/Wood]

Captains Plaque:  { DH }  Sea Treasure Captain's Plaque  (gacha)

Mermaid wall hanging:  [Con.]  - DIY Mermaid Signage - Green

Stick Light:  tarte  Hanging twig light silver (gacha)

Dresser:  Second Spaces Under the Sea Light Blue Seahorse

Rug:  floorplan.  Throw Rud Octopus

Toys on Rug:  Roost Let's Play Noahs Ark,  {DH} Seashore Tug Boat, Serenity Style  Boat  (all gacha)

Bed:  MuddPuddles Bradford Bed

Nightstand:  MuddPuddles Bradford Pipe Nightstand

Lamp:  MuddPuddles Bradford Lamp

Toy Chest:  MuddPuddles Bradford Toychest

Toys on chest:  Alchemy Seal Pups cuddle Duckie,  Mish mish Pygmy Hippo7 Play,  Lil Big Me Chill Mermaid Doll (all gacha)

Music Box:  NACH  Little Mermaid Movie Inspired Music Box (gacha)

Bear:  Boogers (previous Arcade)  Fishin' Bear RARE

The bed is fully animated with Sleeping, playing, chatting, activities and props, made for kids and teens with parents and friend animations.  Texture change as well.  The Nightstand is free for VIP's!  

MuddPuddles is one of the best place for Kid Furniture, you need to check it out!


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