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Friday, May 6, 2016

Morning Snacks

This morning I woke up super early, Mommy was still asleep so I snuck down and saw that she had already prepared my snack cup.  So I took it out of the fridge and decided to go play in my room and have my little snack.  

What I am Wearing:

Hair:  Yumyum  *73

PJ's:  Paper Damsels Elle Mix and Match  Black top and Cream shorts  both shorts and tops available in Black, Blue, Cream, Mint, Peach, Pink, Purple, White and Yellow

Snack Cup:  <.*BoOgErS*.> at Color Me Cute (May 15th)  Cup is animated to eat and drink from.  Gacha 12 to win no rares

Thankfully Mommy is still asleep, I finished my snack, and put my cup back in the kitchen and  hopefully won't get in trouble now for eating in mine bed!


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